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HTRC 200A High Precision Watt Meter Power Analyzer

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Information Below:
 HTRC 200A High Precision Watt Meter Power Analyzer  HTRC 200A High Precision Watt Meter Power Analyzer  HTRC 200A High Precision Watt Meter Power Analyzer
 HTRC 200A High Precision Watt Meter Power Analyzer  HTRC 200A High Precision Watt Meter Power Analyzer
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The HTRC 200A watt meter and power analyser it's a All-In-One Meter. A power meter, a volt meter, an amp-hour meter, ammeter and energy meter. It is indispensable for analyzing, testing and trouble shooting any DIY DC power project. Very accurate in giving DC volt, ampere and wattage. This Watt Meter only requires a tiny 7mA draw to operate, there will be no significant reduction in your power production during usage.

- Evaluate R/C battery charging efficiency.Measure power and energy consumption of any battery powered device      
- Predict model airplane flight time      
- Choose the best propeller/most efficient motor      
- Check for wiring and connector power loss      
- Ensure peak currents are safe for motor, ESC & Battery as well as wiring and connectors
Example applications
-RV battery monitor and battery chargers
-Marine battery monitor and battery chargers
-Golf cart batteries and chargers
-Digital panel meter Ammeter
-Wheelchair batteries and chargers
-Solar Power batteries and chargers
-Wind Power generators, batteries and chargers
-Electroplating and metal plating Amp Hour measurement
-Ham Radio & Amateur Radio base station equipment, battery monitoring and chargers
-Electric bike batteries and chargers
Connect "SOURCE" Red wire to positive(+) and Black to Negative of battery or any DC electricity source.
Similarly,"LOAD" wires should be connected to any DC electricity based load.
Once there is power flowing through, the device will initialise and show you a full range of ratings including:
Current (Amps/A) at the present moment
Voltage (Volts/V) at the present moment
Power (Watts/W) at the present moment
Total Amps (Amp hours/Ah) since device initialised
Total Power (Watt hours/Wh) since device initialised
Highest Voltage Maximum (Vm) since device initialised
Highest Power Peak (Watt Peak/Wp) since device initialised
Highest Current Peak (Amp Peak/Ap) since device initialised
- Specification:
Operates from 4.8v to 60v or 0V to 60V with optional auxiliary battery.
Measures 0 to 200A with a resolution of 0.01A
Measures 0 to 60V with a resolution of 0.01V
Measures 0 to 6554W with a resolution of 0.1W
Measures 0 to 650KWh with a resolution of 0.1Wh
Measures 0 to 6554Ah with a resolution of 0.01Ah
- Cable: AWG 8
- Display: 16 x 2 backlit LCD display
- Color: Black
- Size: 110mm x 45mm x 26mm
- Net Weight: 150g
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Product Name : HTRC 200A High Precision Watt Meter Power Analyzer
Model : HT-0011
Date Added : 19 October, 2017
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